Congratulations on becoming your state’s mock trial champion! What an honor! We know you’re ready to sign up to compete at the 2018 championship, and we are excited to welcome you to Reno, Nevada. Please take a few minutes to review the information on this page before you register.


You can choose from one of four roles.


This registration form should be filled out by one of the team coaches. The coach filling out the form will serve as the main point of contact for the team. The team registration form is filled out for official and non-official team members, the official team timekeeper, the courtroom artist, and up to two team coaches. Any other coaches that are traveling with the team must register as Observers.

Courtroom Artists: Each state that has a courtroom artist program may register their state champion courtroom artist to compete in the Courtroom Artist contest (Rule 7.1). Those states without a program may advance an artist to participate as a non-official team member. These students may attend the courtroom artist meeting, meet the artists and practice drawing during the trials, but would not be able to enter their drawing into the contest.

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State Coordinator

This form is to be filled out by the State Coordinator or the Coordinator’s proxy who will be attending the 2018 event in place of the Coordinator.

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Observers include team members’ parents, siblings, friends, coaches’ spouses, and others who are affiliated with a team participating in the competition. An Observer must be registered in order to view a competition round and can only view rounds in which the team with whom they are affiliated is participating.

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Board Members

You know who you are.

If for some reason you do not fit into one of these categories, please contact us – we’ll figure it out!

Registration & Other Purchases

Team Registration

The $500 registration fee includes an “All Access” pass to competition events for two coaches, nine official team members and the State Coordinator.

Event Tickets

Event tickets can be purchased by teams for their non-official team members. Tickets are $30 per person, per event and can be purchased for the Pin Exchange, Friday night team social event, and/or the Awards Gala. Observers may purchase event tickets for the team social event and/or the Awards Gala.


You may order t-shirts for $15 each. T-shirts are available in sizes X-Small to XX-Large.